Best Ich Treatment Reviews

Best ich treatment reviews. Here we have put together a list of cheap ich medicine that you are looking for. To create the list we have reviewed 1986 Treatments available online.

Discount: 12%Recommendation No. 1
API LIQUID SUPER ICK CURE Fish remedy, Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Medication 4-Ounce Bottle - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API LIQUID SUPER ICK CURE Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Medication 4-Ounce Bottle
  • Treats "ich" white spot disease in fish and secondary bacterial fish infections
  • Quickly kills ich parasite, typically within 24 hours of first dose
  • Use only in freshwater and saltwater aquariums not with reef aquariums
  • Dose every day for five days when symptoms first start occurring
Recommendation No. 2
Seachem ParaGuard, 500 mL / 16.9 fl. oz. - 603 - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Fish and filter safe parasite control
  • The only fish and filter safe aldehyde based parasite control product available (for parasites on fish)
  • Employs a proprietary, synergistic blend of aldehydes, malachite Green, and fish protective polymers
  • Effectively and efficiently eradicates many ectoparasites (ich, etc) And external fungal, Bacterial, and viral lesions (fin rot)
  • 250 milliliters treats 500 US gallons
Recommendation No. 3
Hikari USA Inc. Ich x - Ich Treatment with More 16oz - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Treats Ich
  • Treats Cryptocaryonaisis
  • Treats Trichodiniasis
  • Treats Velvet (Gold Dust)
  • Treats Saprolegniasis
Discount: 37%Recommendation No. 4
Seachem ParaGuard 250ml - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Eradicates ectoparasites, fungal, bacterial, viral lesions
  • Safe alternative to formalin
  • For marine and freshwater use
Discount: 17%Recommendation No. 5
API AQUARIUM SALT Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65-Ounce Box - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API AQUARIUM SALT Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65-Ounce Box
  • Promotes fish health and disease recovery with increased electrolytes
  • Improves respiration for fish in freshwater aquariums
  • Made from evaporated sea water for all-natural results
  • Use when changing water, when setting up a new freshwater aquarium and when treating fish disease
Discount: 28%Recommendation No. 6
API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 11J Melafix, 16 oz. (11J) - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Contains one (1) API MELAFIX Freshwater Fish Bacterial Infection Remedy 16-Ounce Bottle
  • Heals bacterial infections and repairs damaged fins, ulcers and open wounds
  • Contains natural, botanical tea tree extract to quickly and rapidly help fish
  • Helps treat newly-introduced fish to reduce risk of disease outbreak in freshwater aquariums
  • Use daily for a week when treating infections and for 3 days as a preventive when adding new fish
Recommendation No. 7
Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count, Quick Remedy For Ick In aquariums - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • CLEARS ICK Soothing conditioner that quickly clears ick or white spot on freshwater fish
  • FIZZ TABS Fast-dissolving pre-measured tablets make caring for your aquarium easy
  • FAST AND SAFE No need to raise water temperature – see product label for complete directions for use
  • USAGE Treats up to 80 gallons of aquarium water
Recommendation No. 8
Weco Nox-Ich Water Treatment, 4 oz - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Immediately stops Itch
  • Also kills Velvet, Fin Rot, Chilondonella, Trichondina
  • For fresh or saltwater use
Recommendation No. 9
Seachem Cupramine Copper 250ml - Best Ich Treatment Reviews
  • Fresh or saltwater use
  • Remains in solution
  • Removable with carbon
Recommendation No. 10

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