Best Bee Sting Medicine Reviews

Best bee sting medicine reviews. Here we have put together a list of cheap sting medicine that you get excited about. To create the list we have reviewed 1933 Treatments available online.

Discount: 12%Recommendation No. 1
First Aid Only 19-001 Sting Relief Swab (Box of 10)
  • Contains 10 anesthetic/antiseptic swabs, each containing 0.018-ounces (0.5cc) of medicated solution
  • Perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit
  • Contents inside box may be substituted with equivalent products in different brand names
Recommendation No. 2
Sting-Kill External Anesthetic Swabs, Package of 5 Swabs (2 Pack)
  • RELIEVE INSECT BITES & STINGS: Our maximum strength formula is the #1 choice of pharmacists for bee sting relief. It's also great for mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, & other insect bites & stings.
  • PAIN & ITCH RELIEF: Fire Out's concentrated anesthetic formula combines benzocaine & menthol to relieve pain & itching quickly. It's non-greasy, non-staining, absorbs fast & provides prompt relief.
  • PHARMACIST RECOMMENDED: Convenient, portable, & sanitary, our single-use swabs & wipes are effective on stings & bites from bees, wasps, mosquitoes, jellyfish, chiggers, black flies, & spiders.
  • GET OUTSIDE THE HIVE: A must have for outdoor sporting events, hiking, camping, or just BBQ'ing in the backyard, Sting-Kill swabs stop the itch & relieve the pain & irritation of insect bites & stings..
  • CELEBRATE THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Whether you’re BBQing with the family, tailgating at the big game, camping, or hiking through the wilderness—be prepared with Sting-Kill & keep the good times rolling.
Recommendation No. 3
Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool, Poison Remover - Bug Bites and Bee/Wasp Stings, Natural Insect Bite Relief, Chemical Free
  • Removes insect venom, saliva, and other irritants left under the skin using suction
  • By removing the irritant, the body stops producing the reaction that is causing you to itch & swell
  • Works on: mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, sea lice & more
  • Compact, lightweight, reusable and easy to carry
  • Clinically Proven, kid friendly, 100% guarantee
Recommendation No. 4
StingEze MAX Insect Bite Relief - 0.5 oz Pen, 33126
  • One 0.5 oz pen of StingEze MAX Insect Bite Relief
  • Anti-itch stick provides maximum bug bite itch relief with double the benzocaine mixed with phenol and camphor
  • Insect bite stick stops pain, relieves itching and reduces infection
  • Take when camping, hiking or any outdoor activity for instant mosquito bite relief
  • Small anti itch pen is the perfect on-the-go insect bite treatment
Recommendation No. 5
After Bite Kids, Sensitive Formula, Pharmacist Preferred Insect Bite & Sting Treatment, Natural Healing, Aloe Vera, Skin Protectant, Portable Instant Relief, Stop Itching Cream, 0.7-ounce
  • Non-pharmaceutical cream with aloe vera in a powerful non-stinging formula that is gentle on kids.
  • Applicator tube is perfect for packs, pockets, or purses giving portable relief.
  • Simple to apply cream allows for easy application to large coverage areas.
  • Contains natural healing ingredients such as baking soda, aloe vera and tea tree oil that smooth and moisturize sensitive skin.
  • Treat over-scratched bug bites without the fear of painful stinging.
Recommendation No. 6
Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit
  • Small, reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in one quick motion; use for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites, and more
  • Four sizes of plastic cups for use and effective suction on a variety of sting or bite sizes; pump is easy to use with one hand
  • Eliminates the need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits
  • Kit includes Extractor pump, alcohol prep pads, adhesive bandages, sting care wipes, razor (for hair removal), and instruction manual
  • Extractor most effectively retrieves venom from extremities and areas of body outside muscle areas; effectiveness varies with the location of the bite
Recommendation No. 7
LIVABIT Venom Extractor Suction Pump Kit, Snake Bite Kit, Bee Sting Kit, Emergency First Aid Supplies for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking | Insect Sting & Rattlesnake Bite Treatment + Bonus CPR Shield
  • [STRONG VENOM EXTRACTION] LIVABIT Snake Bite Kit with Antivenom Extractor Pump comes with 4 sizes of plastic cups which effectively retrieve venom and poison from extremities & areas of body outside muscle areas, effectiveness varies with the location of the bite
  • [QUICK FUNCTION]: Reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in 1 quick motion. Easy to use with 1 hand. Small and compact design (3.5x4 inch), convenient to carry around for all of your outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking. A must have accessory for your next journey
  • [COMPLETE KIT] All you need in case of bite or sting by a bee. Includes LIVABIT Extractor Pump , Alcohol Prep Pads, Sting Relief Prep Pad, Razor, Small tourniquet to slow/stop blood circulation, , Adhesive Bandage and instruction manual. Bonus CPR Shield Mask Included
  • [VARIATY OF USE CASES] LIVABIT poison remover is designed to be used in many different emergency scenarios such as wasp, scorpion, bee stings, rattle snake, spider, mosquito and any bug or insect bites. Perfect addition to your camping first aid supplies, car clovebox and hiking essentials
  • [SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] Our goal is to deliver the best quality and we believe that's the best kind of advertising. LIVABIT Snake Bite Kit is a medical and tactical grade supply that lasts for years. Under any circumstances, if you are not 100% satisfied we're giving you a full refund or replacement for life to ensure our premium craftsmanship although we are always happy to resolve whichever problem occurs.
Recommendation No. 8
Sting 911 Powerful Concentrated Herbal Formula Instant Relief from Pain and Itching for Mosquito Bites, Bug Bites, Bee Stings, No-See-Ums, Chiggers
  • Instant Relief from Insect Bites and Stings All Natural Herbal Formula
  • Perfect for travel, outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, biking and more
  • Completely Non-Toxic All Herbal Formula
  • Concentrated, a single drop on a Bite or Sting is effective
  • 10ml glass bottle with roller top applicator
Discount: 12%Recommendation No. 9
Tecnu Calagel Anti-Itch Gel, Maximum Strength Itch Relief for Rashes, Poison Ivy, Bug Bites, Stings and Minor Burn Relief, 6 oz
  • Maximum strength itch relief that is long lasting
  • Gel goes on and stays clear with no pink residue or stains
  • Quick, effective relief for bug bites, sunburn, poison ivy and oak, insect bites and minor rashes
  • Helps reduce swelling
Discount: 40%Recommendation No. 10
Ven-Ex Snake Bite Kit, Bee Sting Kit, Emergency First Aid Supplies, Venom Extractor Suction Pump, Bite and Sting First Aid for Hiking, Backpacking and Camping. Includes Bonus CPR face Shield.
  • Keep a Archer MedTech brand Ven-Ex bite and sting extractor kit handy for all of your outdoor activities. It's a handy addition to your First Aid Supplies, car glovebox, backpack, etc. Rattlesnake Bite Kit is essential for backcountry camping, fishing, hiking or just a day at the local park.
  • This bee sting kit can be helpful helpful in extracting bee, wasp or spider venom from the wound site. The pump is easy to use even with only one hand.
  • Ven-Ex venom extractor includes two sizes of extraction vessels that attach to the pump handle. Choose the size that best suits your current needs. As a rattle snake bite kit, bee sting kit and venom extractor this versatility is essential.
  • Ven-Ex snake bite kit is light, compact and highly portable. It comes in a hard-shell case with two sizes of extraction cups and a tourniquet band to help control the spread of the venom until it can be extracted.
  • Ven-Ex snake bite kit by Archer MedTech is a sturdy, reliable First Aid tool for extracting subcutaneous venom from snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, etc. Note, venom extractors work well to pull venom from just beneath the skin but not from within the muscle tissue. Effectiveness will vary depending upon where the bite/sting occurred and how deep it is. Always seek professional medical attention immediately.

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